After a chat with a client yesterday about sleep I thought I would write a few tips up about sleep. 

I have listed a really good video below which will give you some advice on sleep as well.

But in general, getting a good night’s sleep is about routine mainly. But try and follow these point:

  1. Try to not use any technology for around an hour prior to going to sleep.
  2. Do something which will create a sense of ‘flow’ ( this is the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus). Activates that can cause ‘flow’ are; reading, washing up, cleaning, ironing etc. Try doing this an hour or so prior to sleep which will help you get ready for bed.
  3. Start a really good book you enjoy reading and leave it by your bed so you want to go and read it is easily accessible, after a few pages you will be falling asleep.
  4. Try blackout blinds in your room or make it as dark as you can (Even try a eye mask). Along with this make sure that there are no standby lights on in your room.
  5. Avoid coffee or caffeine for around 6 hours prior to sleep. The reason for this is because caffeine has a ‘half-life’ of up to 6 hours which means that it will keep you energized for around that time.
  6. Try and get into a routine of ‘going’ to bed at a certain time. This will help to establish a good body clock.
  7. Don’t lie in bed awake when you can’t sleep, go downstairs and do something which will cause a state of ‘flow’. By lying in bed awake your body will start to associate bed with being awake which won’t help.

Try and do some of these points to help with your sleep. I cannot emphasize how important sleep is! It helps with weight control, body recovery, and allows the body to reset.

Flow meaning:

How to improve your sleep video:

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